NEW Spidey Case™

NEW Spidey Case™

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Welcome Spidey Case™

Compatible with:

iPhone 6/6s, 6/6s Plus

iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus

iPhone X/Xs, Xs Max

iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max


✔️LED Flash Communication

✔️360° Protection

✔️Functions when: you play music or when your phone sounds!

✔️Spidey Case™ syncs with the rhythm of the music playing.

Case Lights Up & Flashes to The Beat of The Music Playing!

Watch your case light up the room when:

✔️You play your favorite music! 

✔️The lights are synced to the rhythm of the music. *MUST SEE* 

Scratch Resistant™

Our Spidey Case™ isn't only eye candy... 

✔️Its surface is "scratch resistant"


✔️Simply, turn your case on, protect your iPhone, & party on!

Sound Activated Flash:

-Introducing Sound Flash™

✔️Play music on your Case & watch it flash!


✔️Programed software with "hertz communication technology"


360° Protection For The Ultimate Protection

New Spidey Case™ has 360° Protection!


✔️It provides full bumper protection.


✔️Ensures your phone is safe from any drop.


✔️Never worry again about shattering the front or back of your phone AGAIN!

LED Multi-layer Display

✔️We promise the best quality & protection for our best customers.


✔️Our patented display will have all your friends talking about it.

Device Instructions:

1. Play a song on your iPhone.

2. Insert your iPhone into the Spidey Case™ and then connect the port to your phone's charging chamber.

3. Watch it flash enjoy your new case!

You do not have to charge your case, the plug in at the bottom insert at the bottom of your iPhone.

Note: Spidey Case™ will not drain your iPhone battery, our case is programmed to be on standby 99% of the time so you DO NOT have to worry about your battery being drained.


FREE 2-Day Shipping