NEW AirPod Charging Case™
NEW AirPod Charging Case™

NEW AirPod Charging Case™

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The iPhone Case That Charges Your AirPods:

Case Features: 

- AirPod charging station™ 

- 12 hour battery life

- Silicon Matte Finish™ 

- 360° iPhone & camera protection

- Charge Case for 1-2 hours using iPhone USB Cable

Use Your iPhone Charger To Charge Your AirPod Case:


✔️Charge your AirPod Charging Case™ after a full-day use.


✔️Charge for 90 minutes. (recommended)


✔️A purple light will come on while AirPods are charging!

Magnetic Compartment For Extra Protection:


✔️Lock Your AirPods in place just like your original case.


✔️Our patented magnetic compartment ensures the highest durability for your iPhone & AirPods.


✔️Protect your iPhone & charge your Airpods anytime, anywhere.

NEW Innovative Technology That Gives Your AirPods a  FULL Day Charge:


✔️Our NEW patented iPhone case charges your AirPods in our new patented charging station with a magnetic door to ensure the highest protection.


✔️For a full-charge, we recommend charging your case once-a-day for 2 hours for maximum charge.


✔️Our patented charging station holds your AirPods charge up to 24 hours standby.


NEW AirPod Charging Compartment:



✔️Our patented charging system allows you to charge your AirPods on the go.


✔️Charge your case using your iPhone Charging Cable. (Very convenient)


✔️Our Case has 360° protection & passes ALL "drop-tests" for multiple circumstances. 


✔️Our custom microfiber interior that gives our charging case extra cushion for protection.

New Silicon Matte Finish™


✔️Scratch Proof silicon to ensure EXTRA protection for your iPhone & AirPods.


✔️Silica-Gel installed for double the cushion.


✔️2-layers made with the highest of quality material.

360° Protection Phone & Camera:


✔️Our case guarantees FULL protection from unexpected drops.


✔️Raised Edges around your iPhone & your camera.


✔️AirPods are secured in a magnetic, locked compartment.

Slim, Futuristic & Light.


✔️Super Slim, Lightweight, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

✔️Our case not only is a perfect fit in your hand, but it charges your AirPods and your iPhone is protected from random drops & scratches.


✔️Raised borders around the screen give that yet another protection layer.

Where Luxury Meets Innovation.


✔️Enjoy the Lamborghini of iPhone cases. 


✔️The ability to be able to charge your AirPods at the palm of your hand.

Inside The Box:

✔️Charging Case 

✔️Direction Manual


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